Shipping and Logistics

Mutualista Açoreana

Mutualista Açoreana is a historic Company that originated from -the merger between Navegação Açoreana and Micaelense, in 1920.
Mutualista Açoreana
In 1950, the Company was strengthened, after joining the Bensaude Group.
As a result of the Company’s overhaul and modernization process which included the purchase of a new freighter called "Corvo”, this ship became something of a legend and since then there has always been a freighter named "Corvo” in the fleet..

Modern and well equipped, Mutualista Açoreana connects The Azores to Mainland Portugal, shipping solid and liquid cargo goods. The Company is currently the owner of 2 container freighters that link Lisbon and Oporto to every Azorean Island.
Mutualista also provides technical management services to other shipowners. 
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