Wayzor Rent a car

Wayzor Rent a car, born at the heart of the Bensaude Group and stemming from the legacy of Varela Rent a car, changed its entire structure and started in a new direction with an improved and innovative concept.
Wayzor Rent a car

Servicing São Miguel Island, Wayzor has partners in Santa Maria, Terceira, Faial, Pico, São Jorge and Graciosa Islands.

Wayzor intends to make your trip easier to make your Azores experience as complete as possible. Hence, Wayzor is committed to a service of excellence and ensures the confidence and safety we want to provide our customers.

With a cheerful, relaxed, and simple outlook, Wayzor is not indifferent to environmental issues, as they have always been part of our core values, so we always provide the best vehicles for our customers, an Eco Fleet comprised of cars with very low emission levels of CO2 between 98 and 144 g/km.

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