John Travolta visited the Azores

09 September 21
John Travolta visited the Azores and stayed at Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico.
Source:Açoriano Oriental

Bensaude and AMT Groups create technological company in the Azores

31 August 21
Azores Hive aims to reach the target of 1.5 million euros of annual turnover within five years, with an estimated breakeven by the end of the third year of operation.

Vasco Cordeiro says that Grupo Bensaude is "a good example of commitment"

25 January 20
The president of the Azorean Government, Vasco Cordeiro, declared today that the delivery of the equipment to the firefighters of the Azores by Grupo Bensaude is a "good exemple" of commitment with the region.

Grupo Bensaude celebrates 200th anniversary with rebranding

08 January 20
Suit the brand up to the challenges of this millenium was the main goal of the company when they give the challenge to the WonderWhy agency.
The result is a logo where the "B" from Bensaúde has more protagonism and takes the form of a facing forward monogram.
Source:Revista Marketeer

Bensaude Distribution invests in local sourcing

06 January 20
Bensaude Distribution has taken another big step in connecting with local producers and with that minimizing the importations.
Source:Correio dos Açores, Diario dos Açores e Açoriano Oriental

Parque Terra Nostra: One of the most beautiful in the world

24 September 19
Parque Terra Nostra highlighted at Secrets from Portugal.
Source:Secrets from Portugal

JHOrnelas: Environmental quality

09 August 19
JHOrnelas: “Environmental quality is one of our most important goals and all our business activity is analyzed so our environmental impact can be increasingly reduced."
Source:Criativa Magazine